Monday, July 31, 2006

If anyone needs to go to the bathroom...

Paul cracked first.
Apparently the upstairs bathroom (which I don't use) has been out of toilet paper for a week! Now that is taking it a bit too far... no wonder it was one of them who gave in.

for the record

It has been brought to my attention that it is a bit silly of me to complain that someone asked if I was a prostitute and then put up pictures of myself in a red, strapless dress.
They two are not connected.
I wore that dress (which I really like, thank you Jenna) for a theme night at an all-girls camp.
The clothes I have worn when I have been had people trying to 'pick me up' are very modest- sometimes meaning I am wearing my giant winter jacket.
Its amazing how I take your using my hands for granted- My fingers are stiff and full of blisters from fire-dancing last night. Usually I don't get blisters, but the shoelaces I use to loop my fingers in are not regulation. Washing my hair, washing the dishes (anything requiring water, actually) opening doors, playing with latches, ect. are difficult. Today I swore that I would never take my hands for granted again- the prayer of someone who has a sore, red nose from a cold or on crutches.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sometimes I like really ugly things

Our plan was to walk to the park, an hour and a half away, but we saw the green Mercedes and knew it had to be a friend of ours. He generously drove us there.
We laughed when we arrived at the park and 10 minutes later ran into people who live at my house and drove to the park. We could have got a ride back, too, but that would have been to easy.
We walked for an hour and a half, but didn't make it to the house- we took a detour. Played an evening game of fris-knock (which me and my partner won, of course), we were going to make the frisbee glow with florecent tape so that we could see it- but while inside looking for the tape some one drove into one of the posts used in the game and completely smashed it. So then we sorted donated clothes and made a few finds of our own.
I now have earings which blink different colors (which I am definately wearing to church tomorrow), a red prom dress (I don't know where I will ever wear it, but you don't turn down a free prom dress!) and some amazing, definately 80's, silver pants. Don't you wish you owned a pair of silver pants? I am going to wear them some day when the sun is out and bright and blind people with these super-cool, reflective pants.
And I almost wish I had kept the red suspenders, a product of the Red Onion Saloon in Sagway Alaska, as printed on the straps. My friend had a similar pair, only Harley Davidson and I put them on him, warning that I might have to touch his butt to clip them on. "thats okay, go for it." was his all-to-cheerful response to make me entirely comfortable with the action.
12:00 a.m. I ate part of a steak, a hamburger and some good hot peppers from Haiti. I had never feasted at midnight before, but there is a first time for everything. It was hearty and the gravy, full of hamburger grease, was good enough to rival the amazing cooks in my family- it was so good and so thick I ate it plain, with a fork.
And we are out of toilet paper, so I keep using the bathroom anywhere else whenever possible. Its almost like a game at our house- see who will crack first and go buy some. Everything from tissues to paper towels, to that unknown, thick, scratchy stuff is used as an alternative to walking to the store and buying more. The funniest part is that we don't even have to pay for it out of our own pocket, so there is really no point in waiting to buy more. But it is sort of fun to see who caves in first... hehehe. So I was even able to use the bathroom before coming home!
Lets see if I can go all day tomorrow without using the toilet at my house.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Because Everyone Loves Pictures

Remember all those donated bracelets from camp? On one night the little girls showered me in them- literally up to my elbows in their good-will. Some little girls in Uganda will recieve these.

Shout-out for All Girls Who Know What it's Like

I am considering getting business cards to pass out that say:

" I am not a prostitute.
You want sex?
I want a wedding ring."

My other tactic would be to talk about about Jesus- my motives are all off but it still seems appealing.

I've had cars stop. Some pull up next to me. Some even drive around the block and come back again. Some have followed me, yes, and even got out of the car. But today was the first time that a car, going the opposite way, did a U-turn, came back around, stopped infront of me. I just kept walking by, ignoring them- but that wasn't enough. The guy got out of the car and chased me down the street, calling for me.
"Not later, either."
"No!" and I almost screamed it really, really loud. Now that I think about, that would have been funny. I guess I'll save it for next time.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My enjoyment from lack of clarity

I've been writing plenty of poems recently- click the link to look at them.
My mornings are humid, my evenings are soccer and in-between can vary.
Today was serving soup, corndogs, ground beef and pastries.
My recent walk became a sidewalk make-up party. Sitting at the park resulted in free portraits, saying no to pot and begging the strangers to leave me in peace.
Visiting the festival, I now have daughters, 10 and 7- which means I was a pregnant 9 year old.
And tomorrow I might swing fire around my head- what fun!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Freedom of Expression

2 little boys sitting in the park, surrounded by balls of white fluff.
One little boy picks up the decapatitated head by the hair and twirls it around.
The other little boy flings the body away from him and explains to me, " We hate dolls."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I wanted to share this treasure

I have discovered a Winnipeg blog that I adore!!! It shows this city in such a beautiful, hilarious way! It's called Winnipeg Wierdos.


Someone gave me green peppers today. The man was pushing a dolley filled with tubs of potato salad with a cardboard box of green peppers balanced on top down the street. All I did was smile, and he offered me some peppers. I've found a watermelon in my car. I've been given bags of bread, bottles of water and offered plenty of marajuana- but green peppers are a first.

I was given a poem about the age-old question 'why are we here?'. All of us want to know why we even exist, and what our purpose is. The poem boldly proclaims that each of us has a reason for and calling on our lives- and it was written by a prositute.

My friend recently returned to her habit and I listened in anger as her dealer stated, 'I don't believe in addiction. I think its just abuse and people need to be taught moderation. But nothing is really addictive. Alcohol is worse than street drugs, street drugs don't do that much bad stuff.'

What if these people just believed what they said? What if they lived their lives like that?

Who can tell me they never sell themselves for less than best?
Who has never justified an addiction, especially when they profitted from it?

What if I just believed what I said? What if I just walked in that and lived in that?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Anyone Gullible Enough to Believe I Ever Slow Down

I was just about to cross the street, when my eyes connected with someone vagely familiar.
A person who I was never supposed to see again, suddenly is shaking my hand.
Even our first meeting was a fluke, or a miracle... and now, on my way to get the mail I bump into him?
I only met him once and spent at the most, 2 hours with him. He now has moved to the city for the next few months. So there was a reason for that strange day all those months ago!

I turned down a free bike today.
I considered it for a whole 5 seconds.
Sunday I woke up early so that I could walk for an hour instead of spending a whole 2 dollars on bus fare. I don't consider myself cheap, just stubborn.
As I was walking today I thought about the aquaintances I have because I walk, or even as simple as petting a dog today because I was on foot. I met my garden-vandal friends because I was walking. I met my Swahili teachers because I wasn't zipping by.
There were definately be advantages, but I would rather walk. It helps me slow down, not do everything so fast-paced.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I can see!

My contacts arrived in the mail today.
I continue to cough.
There are blisters on my feet.
I learned how to say the 'F' word in Somalian and 'You are a liar' in Spanish.

Added up... I played soccer today!
I'm rusty, but I can't wait to finally get bruised on my shins again!
How did I come across learning a vulgar word in another language, well, I accidentally said it of course! I had just been introduced to some one and said a familiar nickname for that name and sent a crowd of people off laughing.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lost: A piece of rope.

Somewhere in a lake in Whiteshell, Manitoba there is an old peice of rope- thin rope, teal blue and purple. It fell off sometime yesterday while I was tubing (in an inner-tube behind a boat).
I was ready to search the whole lake with scuba gear just for that bracelet, no matter how ridiculous it seemed.
That was the first peice of 'jewerly' I obtained in Thailand. The first day on the small, devastated island we didn't do any clean up or rebuilding (good thing, too- we may have been arrested!) we just walked around and looked. We looked at destroyed buildings. We looked at huge piles of rubble. We looked at the objects sucked under the tide.
In one of the piles of rubble I saw this piece of rope- the thin type used on sailboats. So I pulled it out, washed it off and put it on my ankle. I've had it there for almost a year and a half now.
It's been a great conversation topic and infact someone asked why I had a rope on my ankle just the other day.
It survived a tsunami only to drown in a lake in Canada? That's so depressing! And yes, I'm sad, I don't care how silly that may seem.
And I ate boiled cattails for the first time ever. It's good to know that if you're starving you can eat them, but other than that I would not recommend it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Un-holy Sunday

I have a flower in my hair. It was stolen from someone's garden and given to me- after someone goes out of their way like that, how can you refuse?
The new bad influences on me consist of 3 boys and 2 girls- the Midget Deliquents I refer to them as. I met them a few days ago; they were loitering. And today I caught them stealing green tomatoes from someone's vegetable garden. They were ripping enough of the skin off that the juice and seeds came oozing out, and then throwing them: at cars; at people; at buildings; at me. It was great fun.
The littlest boy ripped a flower out- roots and all. Then twirled it over his head like a laso and let go, sending dirt flying everywhere.
I suggested playing on the swings instead of throwing green tomatoes at passing cars.
I gave my first ever 'underdoggie' when pushing the flower-flinger. I told them I wouldn't give them a push unless they said please, so every time the littlest one wanted a push he would just scream " Please! "

They are the kind of kids who are always dirty; dirt on their face, crumbs in their hair, stains on their shirts. But oh so cute in their dirtiness! And one of the girls has silver front teeth- no, not a grill, just results of cavities.
The oldest girl stole the flower for me, I made the mistake of telling her it was my favorite flower and I simply had to accept it! The flower sits quite happily wedged between my ear and my glasses, where it will not so-slowly wilt and die. I took a picture, but I don't have a digital camera, so whenever I decide to develop my film, there may be a picture... maybe.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Too Many Puns Came to Mind...

And I hate puns! So I decided to make that this post's title instead of something about 'unclear' or 'fuzzy' or 'walking in a blurr'; which explains my week, literally and metaphorically, but again- I detest puns and want to avoid them if at all possible.
I've been walking around in a blurr for the past week; meaning that I lost my contacts and I don't like wearing glasses when it's warm outside. I looked into buying some, but although this province is giving me free health care (which I have gladly accepted) they want to charge me a 'fitting fee' on top of charging me for a box of contacts, leaving me to wonder when I will start benefiting from all this free healthcare. I almost feel like I need to get sick just to take advantage!

Not to worry family, I will be taking malaria medication when I go to Africa- but it does seem appealing to risk it and cash-in on that free healthcare.
However, it has been interesting to wander about without 20/20 vision. Not that my eyesight is that poor, but I find myself stopping on the street corner and staring or squinting at billboards or shop signs, and I realize how funny I must look- bent forward and squinting, or making a 'potty face'! I've also been looking more intently at people' faces to see if I know them, and I think I might have frightened some Philipino girls the other day- oops!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm Warming up to this Hating Thing...

I have decided that I love house sitting!!! It's great because you get to live at someone else's house, withouth all the awkwardness of being a guest. It's fabulous, I say.

This week has been a huge turning point for me- I don't have to love Winnipeg! I've been beating myself up about this for months; wondering why I don't love this city, what I need to do differently, ect. Then suddenly, I realized 'I know people who have lived in this city for years, some their whole lives and they still don't like Winnipeg! They say they would move if they could. They ask me why on earth I would come here.' Its made me like the city all the better just because I don't feel like I'm a bad person or have a problem if I don't like it here. I don't have to! And finding more and more people that can relate has made things better as well.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Birthdays and Breakfast

Today an 8 year old told me that his favorite number is 1042.
No connection to any significant memory or anything significant at all. He just likes the number.
Today my little sister turned 17! I guess she's not so little any more. Happy Birthday my dear, I hope it was a great one!
It is also Georgio (the French man from down the street)'s 60th Birthday. He actually recognized me the other day; I hadn't seen him in months, probably not since March. And then I saw him 2 days in a row! I saw him on my way to buy some breakfast (I actually eat breakfast now, it's weird) and we chatted while sitting in his beautiful garden and admiring his mosaical (if that is a word) foot path.
I find it quite ridiculous that no grocery or convenient stores (save 7-11, which is over-priced) in this area open until 9 am, some at 10 am. I could have gone to 7-11, but I'm stubborn and choose to not pay double for a small container of yogurt (even if the amount is only 50 cents more), so I walked back to the house and waited for a half hour until a grocery store opened, the blessing in that being that I got to run into Georgio again that morning.