Wednesday, February 21, 2007


One of my campers from a few weekends ago. She had fun. She was one of the girls who went swimming in the snow and had the bottoms of her shoes frozen- really, there were icicles in her shoes. Crazy Canadians.

This is what it looks like to have 16 people living in one side of a duplex house. Wow. Talk about a loud building (not to mention the 3 people on the other side, the 3 people who were sleeping somewhere else, but came over every morning, and myself and another staff member who don't live at the house, but come on a regular basis).
That's a lot of shoes. And that's just one door- there are more shoes at the back door.

This picture was taken a few weekends ago at Mission Fest. I won't go into the actual conference (because that would be post upon post... very little would be flattering). I'm not sure what kind of hat I am wearing and Michelle is wearing somsort of afr0-sheep wool hat. Yes, a hat, not a wig.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hmm... cheap chocolate

Trying to find a way to write the highlights of my past few weeks, but I'll stop trying to be so creative and just plunge in:
Leaders are supposed to keep the kids quiet, help them to pay attention, make them listen, break up the fights- not be the one talking with them through the whole teaching time. I guess I'm a bad leader; but Kelly really needed to talk. Her cousin runs away like that, too (as I might have mentioned). I will acknowledge that there are things that their guardian should and can do, but I believe that Kelly has to take responsibility and realize that what she is doing is not helping the situation, especially with the 'one last chance' from child services hanging over her head. So we prayed (only me actually audibly). I asked her if I could talk to God about how she had told me she felt, she said yes. But when I told God about how Kelly was frustrated and didn't think her life situations were fair and she wanted something more and better, she looked at me like I was crazy, and that she was a little frightened. First of all, she didn't think she could be that real with God, he wasn't personal enough to her that she could share her anger with Him. She wasn't mad at God, but she was frustrated with the situation she was stuck in, I hope that she understands the huge difference between the two. As we further talked, she admitted that she wasn't willing to ask God for what she wanted. It is a scary thing, only when we really define what we want can we be let down in that, until them it's just a dream, just something in our mind. But when we ask God for it, we can finally be disappointed, or finally recieve that thing. And it requires that she do something, too. That she take action, that she accept and even pursue change... and suddenly I feel like I've had this whole conversation before (because I have). And it just makes me so sad... mostly because I can't force them to change or take those steps- its up to them, not me.
I moved to a new house, closer to downtown with a family of all girls (who are mostly vegetarian!). I have my own bed, my own bedroom and even my own bathroom! Two days after I moved in, a good friend of mine started crashing on the couch in the room next to mine, which has been great. Except yesterday morning, when he borrowed my alarm and didn't actually wake up to it, so it means I didn't wake up until 4 minutes before my bus arrived. Or this morning, when he asked me to wake him up at 5:50 am (so that yesterday wouldn't be repeated), and I got up, woke him up, and went back to bed. He went back to sleep and was snuggling all warm and comfy in his bed when I sleepily left the house on my way to work this morning. Grr...
I keep trying to add photos, but this new and improved blogger won't let me. So as I continue to promise- those will come later.
I found this great chocolate shop which gets cheap bulk chocolate that is perfect and fine- maybe from a crate that got smashed and some of them got wrecked so they threw the whole thing out... I'm really not sure but it's great! You can buy 1 kilogram (is that over 2 pounds?) of Lindt (which is really goooood) chocolate- milk or dark for about $4.00 Canadian (which is about $3.75, right?) That's a lot of chocolate! $1.50 Can for a bag of mini reese's, 3 Altoid cans for $1 and so much more! I'm in heaven and probably going to need to buy new pants!
My asthma is kicking-in again. Perhaps it's the ultra-dry air because of the winter here, maybe it's the difference with the short-sprints I take in soccer verses the distance runs I am using to having, especially within a very dry environmen. I run on a regular basis, but It has only been the past 2 weeks, during my evenings playing soccer at the YMCA that I have been having trouble breathing. I have been naughty and not used my inhaler for about 2 years (I haven't needed it... okay, just not needed it that badly). But last week and the week before, after I sat down I was sucking in large amounts of air to equal the normal intake I would have. I know what it is to be out of breath, this was different. I promise to use an inhaler this week, but please keep that in your prayers for me because I love to play soccer; it's one of the highlights of my week and in the summer it is the best way for me to connect with people in the city, to meet up with friends or make new ones. I've had the best conversations, learned pieces of different languages, met people who's homes I've lived in and who I've helped with their new born child as a result of my summer full of soccer- so I am in no way willing to give up soccer at all.