Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Friends and Neighbors

Yesterday I was inspired to take a picture of the house across the street from where I used to live. You can see the upstairs window is open- as usual. And the boared-up window is because one of the adult males in the house was angry and drunk one night. There are usually kids all over the front lawn, but probaby not much this week because it's spring break and they don't need to skip school to go play outside.

i'm not all that pale. she just returned from the dominican republic a day or two before. however, i am a little white girl who misses sunshine and doesn't take her iron pills as often as she should.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 22- Officially the second day of spring

It snowed today. I think that's ridiculous.

Monday, March 19, 2007

In Which I Was (Again) Not Punched in the Face

It is the result of a friend throwing a wooden spoon at (and in) my eye- all in good fun. We had collected various kitchen utensils to play the bloody card game of 'spoons', which usually invovles plastic or stainless steel dinner spoons, not big wooden ones (or plastic spatulas or metal whisks, for that matter) but there was the need to compromise in this case. So in the spirit of things (and in retaliation) she threw the spoon at me. It spiraled, 180'ed and sent the dull handle towards my eye socket. A bit longer than momentarily blurred vision, a bit of swelling and now... the title of my blog.

That was the ending of a night to raise money for the kid and teen program I volunteer with. As we crossed the bridge on our way to the hall for the fundraiser (with a large median, about to my shoulder) a little girl (probably 9 or so) runs across the middle of the highway, touches the median and runs back to her group of friends. Cars honked their horns and slammed on their brakes, yelling as she laughed with her friends, completely unharmed. Of course, she was one of the rambunctious children invovled in the program I volunteer with- which the fundraiser we were driving to was for. What are the odds?

On the topic of medians, I have now been 'curb hopping'- which means, ignoring the median on the highway- which is rather fun.

Spring is a tease here; popping it's head in for a day or afternoon, and then letting the last bit of winter in the temperature not too harsh but the bitter bite somehow making it seem even colder and freezing the slush to a dangerous point.
I've cracked my head on ice, slipped as I ran for the bus among other things due to the ice.
We decided today that it would be safer to go down the sidewalk on ice skates than to walk in boots.

If you think of it- please pray that I am able to get through to the Remand Center to make an appointment to visit a friend this week. I have waited numerous times for over an hour only to be disconnected for various reasons, or to simply not get through at all- it is very frustrating.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Youth Group and Weed

Yesterday was more than frustrating, ending with a walk around downtown late at night to keep an indecisive and troubled friend company while she waited for her bus.
However, there were some highlights:

The speaker at youth group talking about drugs and mentioned, "you know, you people who think: I'll just use a little herb. Smoke a joint. Because you want to get high; feel what its like. You want to be a rebel. You have cataracts."
As if glaucoma/cataracts are in no way a valid reason to use it; at the same level as experimenting with it at a party or something.
Or than many of the teenagers there have cataracts.
I had to laugh.
And laughed again when one of the older leaders, as she was leaving at the end of the night, "Now when he said 'drugs' he wasn't talking about prescription drugs, right? Because sometimes I take those."
I was almost falling off my chair.

Another reason it was not my favorite night was because the speaker decided randomly to have people share a testimony. However, he gave no fair warning. As I was sitting (and forcing a rebellious kid to sit next to me) he pointed in my direction and said, "come up here and a give a testimony." I thought he meant the girl behind me. No, he meant me. "come up. And while she is giving her's, he can think about what he is going to say."

Well, I was willing (but definately not wanting) to share, but protested that he had not given me time to share. So the man he pointed up went first and I prayed about what to share.
I hate public speaking and one of the ways to deal with that when speaking infront of groups is not to suprise me and ask me to speak in the presence of the people who I am to be speaking two moments before you want me to share. Ask me a day in advance (or more), ask me privately, and give me time to prep.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

In which I was not punched in the face

"I'll beat them down."
"I have connections."
It's nice to know that I have many big brothers who would do whatever it takes to protect me and punish anyone who was hurting me. However, I do NOT have a black eye, as much as it may resemble that.

It is a sty in my eye (or stie, I've seen it spelled many different ways). I read it is an onset of stress or lack of sleep- or both. Anyways, it started as a bright red inflamation on the inside of my bottom eyelid and has recently added a dark circle under my eye which is a mixture of yellow and purple.
I saw a girl I know on the street yesterday and she asked how I got my black eye.

A friend who walked me to the bus stop a few days ago was worried about who had been hitting me. I told him I was just too tired (and the dark circle was only under one eye?). So he walked with me to the bus stop and I continued to prove my tiredness by waiting at the wrong stop! My bus didn't even come by there, if it wasn't for the road blocks, I would have gotten on the wrong bus and probably not even realized it until I was far away from my destination. That's what happens when you move every month or so, you forget which house you are headed towards. He is probably going to hold that over my head for a while.

I read that putting a wet, warm teabag on my eye should help. So sometime tonight I am going to try that out, as strange as it may sound.

Check week means fewer people attending drop in and with the weather being not-so-cold, there were much fewer people at drop-in this Tuesday. So we had plenty of leftover sandwhiches. So I took 2 full sandwhiches, 4 halves, wrapped them up to pass out on my way back to the office. At the bus stop I saw a man who I haven't actually met, but I have seen on a regular basis. I smiled and he came to sit next to me. I offered him one of my sandwiches, which he willingly took and then in return began to proposition me.
I've developed a morbid sense of humor, so my response was to pretend I had no idea what he was talking about or couldn't hear him.
"What do you mean by that?"
"Sorry, I couldn't hear- would you repeat that?"
To the point where others in the bus stop were looking at us and he got really embarrassed and even said he didn't want to say what he meant outloud.
Then my bus came.
I didn't give out the other sandwich, so now my bag smells like salami.