Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For the sick and not the healthy

A friend of Biruk was robbed recently. Not alot was stolen, all that he mentioned was a camera. Later, they found out who stole it and she happened to be a girl I know.
It's interesting how our roles have switched- now Biruk tells me all the new things that are happening in Winnipeg- good as well as bad.
I don't know how he knew I knew her, but I do. Last I saw her she was on the run from the police, and wouldn't talk to me much longer than 10 minutes at a time because she knew I volunteered at the correctional center she was supposed to be at. Although she didn't trust me, she admitted to having a problem with meth'. She didn't have to- I could see it.
Well, Biruk thinks the stolen camera isn't because of a meth addiction- but because of crack. That makes me so sad. After nearly 6 months, her life is still in terrible shape. That date is wrong, because 6 months ago she was in the correctional center, so I wouldn't say that she was in good shape before, either. One poor decision ontop of another poor decision, a terrible spiral that looks hopeless.
But it's not.
I am tempted to say that there is no way out, no solution. But I have to fight against those thoughts because there has to be hope. Without hope she stays where she is at, she continues in what she is doing because that's what hopeless people do.

It's the season for Peace, Joy, and Hope. Being the time of year for it has never meant that it is in abundance, but rather that those things are to be especially sought for.

What's more hopeless than an infant being born in a barn, out of wedlock to a poor family during the time of year that the king has begun the mass murdering of babies?
And yet there lies my hope, and even the hope for all the world.

And that's how I know there is hope for her.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I recieved an email this afternoon that I am getting a packet in the mail for my Working Holiday Visa to Canada- so I guess that means I got in!

That's wonderful, because I don't know what I would otherwise do. Still, I don't have all the answers- like where I will work or what I will do besides live with friends and hopefully volunteer with this program. But isn't the unexpected exciting?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

happy new year!

I have 9 days left as a full-time college sophmore. And as a full-time college student- which I will be again in about 8 months, however I will never be a sophmore again. When I return to school, attend classes, have a full-time credit load and walk around a college campus I will be an upper-classman.

But for now, I will revel in my 9 days left.
While so many others run around in a frenzy, studying late into the night, typing up papers and finishing projects, I read my psychology.
I am currently taking 18 credits, as I have added on a distance-learning course. It is wonderful and relaxed and I spent more time today doing homework/study for that class (which I recently began and don't have a test or exam or any deadline for another 6 months) than all my others.

Besides, I have no real finals- just normal chapter tests for all my classes.
And considering that in Biology I got a 103% on the last test, a 94% for my Exercise and Sports Science class, I really am not concerned.
Maybe I enjoy bragging a little- but I do think it is ridiculous that I am doing so well. Part of my reason for transfering schools. However, it is interesting that transfering schools because of it not being academically challenging enough involves stopping being a full-time student for a semester.
I'm surprised that my parent's did not disapprove more. But, to their credit, I didn't give them much of an option until I had made my decision(s).

Taking a step back, it all makes sense. However, the close-up view is a bit shocking. There were a few times a week or so ago when I would stop dead in my tracks and say out loud,
"Now, why am I going back to Canada again?" Or try to grasp the original concept as to why stopping out of school full-time is going to be to my advantage.
Experiencial learning, baby.

I was recently looking over a journal of mine, where I had written a list to God. This is something I generally do when praying about something or asking for direction, and it is wonderful to look back on later to see how God answered that prayer, down to very small details. After consistantly being amazed at how God responded to an fullfilled my prayer requests, I have made it a pattern of mine.

I had been praying about what I wanted for the future, but somehow, as part of that I lost track of what I really did want because I was asking God for guidance. What do I want for my own immediate future? (immediate meaning next 2-3 years or so)
- to travel
- for the times when I traveled to be used for and by God, not vacations
- to not be trapped in North America (hence, the traveling) but if I were to be there, to enjoy it and find a place where I would thrive
- to not succumb to the aspects of North American culture that I don't like and have worked hard to ween off of
- for my boyfriend and his life to fit/blend with mine in a natural way, not forced
- to be continually working towards, and the things I am doing now with my life to be advancing me in the area(s) where God is calling me for long(er)-term service
- for clarity
- to graduate from college (notice how I never specified Spring Arbor University, this surprised me)
-to teach English in Thailand (well... lets see about that in a little while- stay tuned to this blog)
- visit my sister in Brazil
- help children in Kenya (again... perhaps in a year? the question mark on that shows a little big of fading)
- to go to Ethiopia (I should put stars on the ones that might happen in a year or so, still)
- and to see a friend of mine who is getting out of jail this week, because I have never officially met him, we have only talked through jail-phones and letters with one another

And then I launch into a prayer and mention learning languages several times- fancy that, I am going to Calgary with intentions on learning Swahili, probably too much of my pull to live there was on learning that language, when going to Tanzania would make much more sense. However, I guess that just shows there is something about Calgary...

However, Calgary is not set for sure yet, as I am sending away for the letter to authorize me for a work permit tomorrow. On the chance that I am not granted that, I have no idea what will happen next. However- I am not worried about it. And I am excited to live for about 6 months in a city that I have never seen or visted before!