Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bed Time

I remember when I used to babysit that I loved telling stories. Maybe its because when I would be baby sat by the neighbor girls, they would put us to bed with a story. Or, perhaps because my sister would write up crazy stories and then we would play them in the yard or the woods.
When I was a camp counselor I would tell or read a story until the campers fell asleep.

I've started tucking Mr. Solomon into bed at night- atleast if I'm home by his bedtime. He sometimes scolds me for not being there by his 9 pm curfew, and an excuse such as "I was working" will not cut it for him. He wants to know why I wasn't there to give him his story.

It started with ones that I made up- silly ones about firefighters or pirates. Then I began using stories I know- like Willy Wonka or Alice in Wonderland.
I took 3 days to get to the chocolate river in Willy Wonka, and then, thankfully Mr. Solomon didn't notice that I jumped to a girl chasing a white rabbit in Wonderland. All because I couldn't remember what happened next in the story and most of my creative juices were being used up creating different fruits, countries and flavours that were not actually in the original story.

I got to the flower garden of talking flowers when he finally fell asleep. It was then that I wondered why I wasn't telling Biblical bedtime stories.

So the next night I told him the story of the birth of John the Baptist- son of Zack and Sarah. It was what I had read that day in my Bible study time, and he loved it!

The next night it was Noah and the animals all living on the boat together.

Tonight it was David being anointed king, even though he was just a little boy and didn't look like a king. However, it wasn't only Mr. Solomon who got this bedtime story, it was also a friend from Winnipeg, listening on the phone. He was fine with listening to a story as he drove around in a cab going where I can only guess... so he heard (half heartedly, I'm shooting for osmosis) about God chosing this next king, not because of his toughness, his good looks, his build, his height or his confidence- but because of his heart. Because God looks at the heart and not the outside, which is what the world looks at.
God doesn't look at money or popularity, friends or posses- he looks at intentions and desires.
I hope that my friend continues to ponder those thoughts as he drives around tonight...

Tommorrow I am telling Mr. Solomon about David and Goliath- probably a going to be a three-part story.

Good night...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


My roommate/little brother/student shares his name with the Wise King Solomon.

Incidentally, he also says some very wise things.

He's only six, but he thinks.
This is why I like him- "Solomon, brush your teeth before you go to bed."
He asks me, "Did you brush your teeth?"
"No, not yet."
"I'm not doing it until you do it."

A friend came over and was explaining to Solomon that I am just like Solomon, despite the racial difference. "You have lips, she has lips. You have two eyes, she has two eyes....ears...arms..."
Solomon voices "Except she has these" he proceeds to pretend to feel up the visitor (a man) "and I don't have those."

When he is angry with someone, his form of punishment is pouting or farting (or threatening to fart) on that person. It's not pleasant to have a small child yelling, "I will fart on you!"
Just like me when I was little!

Then he asks me questions about God. The typical, how can God talk to us on earth if he is up in the sky? How can he be both places at once?
And then he made a few statments; "God can beat up anybody."
"If someone punches or hits God, then it means that they aren't His friend."
"Does God eat? He is big, so he must eat alot."
"Does God take a shower? He must really stink if he never takes a bath."
So- do you think God bathes?