Sunday, August 31, 2008


On Tuesday I had a much too short conversation via facebook chat inviting me to a wedding this weekend.
I agreed.

We had no contact again until Thursday evening, trying to figure out how I was going to manage getting 3 1/2 hours south by Friday evening and back 3 1/2 hours by Tuesday evening, at the latest when I don't have a car and he has a busy schedule. That was plenty of time, because we managed to swing it, with shelter fitting in there as well!
I felt like I was in the movie "The Wedding Crashers" because I did not know either the bride or groom, yet the family was so friendly to me and included me in inside jokes and photos. I basically ate a lot of food and danced with people I didn't know. Everyone told me to have a good trip home and that they enjoyed having me there. It was interesting, but great to feel so welcome.
It was also great to see my friend. We see one another about once a year, or less. And we'd been trying to be in the same town at the same time all summer; I knew that if I didn't go to this wedding I might not see him for a long time. Apparently, I might not see him for a few years after this.

I had a great week, blessed by:

--great roommates who think and use their brains and have reasons for why they believe what they believe (which is like a breath of fresh air on a conservative Christian campus, because sadly, too few of Christians think)
--great catch-ups where we completely skipped the movie because we needed no outside entertainment
-- patient friends who didn't mind driving me or waiting around for me
-- getting to see my best friend and her adorable puppy
-- a wonderful phone call that lit up my evening
-- catching up and laughing about the 'old days' and current lives with my wedding date
-- randomly being at home and will get to see my family for a day
-- no homework for this whole weekend
-- an A- in my online course

So many wonderful things have happened to me over this week, and even when hard or challenging things came up there was encouragement, friendships and hope in through all of it. I am finding it hard to express how blessed I feel, just having experiences bits of the love around me and the glimpses of God's movement in my life are so encouraging and so... it takes away my words.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I really like it here, I'm happy.

Hey, so I just took my final exam in my online course. And now I'm DONE!!! I officially finished my first junior-level course.
Now I only have 16 credit hours, two months left of soccer, required regular volunteering (I know it's an oxymoron) and a really easy online course. I feel so much better having this class done and behind me.
Also, playing soccer is counting as an athletic participation credit. I talked to my advisor and am getting another transfer credit to cover a required course. When they finally factor in my IU credits from when I was in highschool, then I will get to see what I still need to take. Hopefully after this semester I will be a junior!
It feels... comfortable here. Not the comfortable as in in my comfort zone and I'm not willing to step out or try new things. But comfortable as in it took me little to no time to feel that I fit in, to find a niche, make friends and be able to settle. The wonderful comfortable where your shoulders can slump and you almost instantly relax and feeling anxious will only happen for exams and tests and not for making friends or awkward conversations (because those don't exist!).
I really like it here, I'm happy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Faves

I love this angle of the little home jammed between two others. This picture was taken in Switzerland.
Venice. The building was huge, with plenty of windows, but only these six or seven had flowers on them, it lit up the whole greyness of the building.

My favorite picture of Venice, walking through and arch beside/in St. Mark's Square. The lighting of the sun setting was just perfect!
I perhaps have a soccer scrimmage this afternoon, we won't know for about two hours yet. We have to play 7 on 7 because we don't even have enough girls to make up a whole team! Well, technically we do have 11- exactly 11 (which is required for a game) that means no substitues. Unfortunate, because one of our players pulled a muscle and is supposed to be out for a little while. That puts us to 10.
And with 2 other girls feeling pains in knee joints, or strained muscles there's not much hope for us. But it is sure to be a fun season!
We are scheduled to have 2 more girls arrive when the freshman come this weekend, that means that atleast the injured girls don't have to play in the games.
Oh my, I will be doing alot of running!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I put all of my clothes in drawers, my books in shelves and my shoes in closets. I put my sheets on my bed, plugged in my alarm clock.
I am moved in!

After living out of a suitcase for this whole year, I finally unpacked. It was a strange feeling, sort of freeing while at the same time feeling tied down.
I even bought a cell phone (email me if you would like my new number). But I did not get a contract, as I have 'commitment issues' with getting into contracts. I just feel so tied down to staying in one place for a year, or two years.

My roommates are great- I have no worries about anyone using my toothbrush, looking at porn on my computer or moving out without any notice to me (which are all reasonable worries, since I experienced those things). They seem really nice and fun.

And I think I'm going to like it here!!! I haven't even been here for a week, but the outlook is so good!
I like my room- it is the largest of the dorm I live in.
There is a Panera Bread not too far away, as well as a Steak'n Shake and a cute coffee shop with wifi two blocks away.
The campus is nice, not very spread out.
There is a minor league hockey team, the Comets, that play here.
I have made friends already- several girls on the soccer team are social work majors who just got back from a month-long trip to India and Thailand, we were fast friends which plenty in common.
I was already invited to (and attended) a church which was really nice.
And the semester hasn't even begun!
God has been so good to me- my main requests were of good roommates, which He has already given to me (over and above!) and now so much more.
I really like this school already; it has exceeded my expectations.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My 200th post

I finished packing the car in all of about 30 minutes (maybe less).
I feel like I am taking way too much up to college with me, but I am comparing that to my move to Winnipeg for about 2 years, wherein I only brought 1 giant tub (mostly full of clothes) and my hiking backpack (again, mostly full of clothes) on the bus with me. And I had to take many more sweaters with me to Winnipeg than I am taking up to college.
I didn't want to be too light, and maybe taking more things will ground me a little bit more and keep me stationary in Fort Wayne, right?
My indulgence for college: a bread maker. It's my little 'unnecessity'. I love fresh bread, and coming back to a room with my bread all baked and ready to eat sounds wonderful. Hopefully making my dorm stay feel a little more like a home. And taking an appliance with me is something I have never done before (besides a hair straightener or my alarm clock, do those really count?). So perhaps it will help make this feel less like a transition and more like the stage in my life that this time is.
I would love all of your prayers as I head up to college this evening. I have never been to Fort Wayne and I don't know anyone there, so it's time to make friends all over again. And I am going to school, so please pray that I focus on my studies and balance my time with my studies and that I don't let up too much on my distance learning courses, either. I have 1 term paper to finish, which is mostly done (I just have about 2 more sources to gather) and then I am basically done that course (except for the final exam... grrr).
Please also pray about me finding a church, as I was unsuccessful at that while in Calgary. I've been tipped off by a few friends that use to live near Fort Wayne about some prospects, so that may help. And Fort Wayne is nicknamed 'the City of Churches', so hopefully no problem there.

And now I'm off to be a nerd and finish up some of my homework before I head up to college and get too busy to focus on it. Either I'm very driven or just a geek who is too far behind in school... probably the last of those options.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A charge

Finally, the killer has been charged with second degree murder.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Glad I already swore of Greyhound

After my last episode with the Greyhound bus lines, I don't ever want to use them again.
The latest news about a man who was beheaded on the bus doesn't change my tune at all.

A bus headed from Edmonton, Ab to Winnipeg, Mb was near it's destination when a man suddenly began stabbing a fellow passenger with what a witness called 'a large hunting knife.'
Nearly 40 passengers watched the man stabbed reapeatedly, his head cut off and then the killer wave the decapitated head around for them to see.

Very, very creepy.

What concerns me almost more than all of this is the judicial response. The man has not yet been charged. He is still being called the suspect. With nearly 40 eye witnesses. Still a suspect. The police finally removed him from the bus and took him into custody. But still a susptect.

I realize that there will need to be a trial. I realize that there will be testing to see if the killer (suspect) has any mental problems or disorders. There will be testing done for drug usage and an ongoing investigation to see if this was premeditated and if there is any connection between the killed and the killer. I understand the necessity of all of that.
But for him to still be called a suspect? Are there other people running around suspected to have beheaded someone with a large knife on that same bus? If not, I hope the police can rest assured that they have their man.

You can see one Winnipeg paper's recent story here.