Thursday, September 25, 2008

I decided to change my major.

I assumed that I was a weird enough 'college kid' with all the moving around, the breaks from school, the transferring and the online courses that I would also be an oddity in being one of the few college students who doesn't change their major throughout their college career.
I've said I wanted to be a social worker for years now.
Thinking back, if I had stayed at Spring Arbor I probably would still be a social work major. The program there seemed to be much different from the one here, and there was a lot of support from my professor and adviser at that school. Social work was presented in a different way, as well.
Here is different, mostly a good different and at times just a 'different' type of different. This mostly refers to the social work program.
For one, it is dying on this campus. Apparently, doing well on the Upland campus but no so hot here. I have a class with 5 students in it, and now, with myself included two of those students are changing their majors. Many of the social work classes are being offered only on the Upland campus, meaning that as a Fort Wayne student, I would regularly have to travel to Upland to complete my degree (so why not just transfer to Upland?)
Also, because of the change in where classes are offered, major courses required for my major that have to go in a specific order are not especially brought attention to for say, transfer students. So without knowledge that I could take courses at Upland, or that they are only offered there, I was not able to take the first of 4 courses. Being unable to take them out of sequence (and I asked) means that I am set an entire year behind- graduation for me would be in 2011.
I'm not willing to be set behind by a year.
I considered my other options- taking courses at another nearby school or online, transferring again, or changing my major.
I really, really like this school and I don't want to leave again. I know that transferring will only set me back again, and only mean that it will take me longer to graduate.
I was also confronted with my avoidance of counseling. I'd told people that they could use counseling as part of social work, so why not take social work as your major? However, I personally was a bit afraid of counseling myself. I didn't want such a role and I was afraid to do so.
But I'm pretty good at psychology and I understand it really well. My favorite professor is for my abnormal psychology class and he teaches most of the counseling courses. Being afraid of counseling is not a good reason to not do it- If I thought I would be bad at it, that would be a different thing. However, I would probably be good at it.
So, I'm considering majoring in counseling instead, probably with a minor in criminal justice, maybe also in justice and ministry.
Or criminal justice with a concentration in victims services and a minor in justice and ministry. However, I would really like to minor in counseling, but I don't see that its offered. However, I want to talk to the head of that department to see if an individualized minor is available. That would be kinda cool, too.
Considering the number of classes required, I could complete them in 3 semesters (if all the classes are offered at the right times), the latest being in 4 semesters. So I would graduate in the Spring of 2010, or in the fall of 2010.
That sounds much, much better to me.
Also, I don't really enjoy my social work professor's classes, its all note taking off of power points until my hand cramps (and she won't post the powerpoints online, either). So we all scramble to write them down, but have little time to actually listen to what she is saying. I can't say I'm going to miss her classes much.
It wasn't a frustrating decision to make at all- I had fun looking up the different courses required and reading about the careers that usually went along with such fields of study. I prayed about it, as well and asked that what I was supposed to do would be made clear. So when I met with my adviser to find out that what I intended to do wasn't possible, I said that I would then be changing my major. My prof nodded and said she understood, but never asked me to rethink it or gave any pressure to stay in my major, which only made my choice the more clear.
I can still do alot off the things I want to do in the future- work with refugees (if I go for counseling), work with juveline offenders (with either major or minor in criminal justice), work with non-profits (with a minor in justice and ministry) and help people and have a positive impact in their lives. Because that's really at the heart of what I want to do with my life, whether I do that with a different label on my framed piece of paper doesn't matter as much to me as I once thought it did.
Oh, and I'm declaring an associates in justice administration, which doesn't actually mean very much, but is another piece of paper I get.
And for one of the first times, I made a decision that is going to effect and alter my life and future, but didn't move anywhere!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I attempted to take a picture of the purple bruise on my chin, the the camera just wasn't able to capture the grey-to-deep purple circle hiding just under my chin.
In our game on Saturday I was elbowed in the chin while running for a ball- I don't know if it was intentional or not, but either way it was a hard hit that hurt worse than a bunch because an elbow is pure bone. So, sorry, no photos of soccer bruises in this blog.
And the girl in the photo with me, as we stand in our jerseys all ready to take on the other team; well she tore her ACL. I don't actually know what that means, except it is near, on or some other way involved with one's knee and she needs surgery. So she is out for the rest of the season.
I feel like I jinxed her by taking her picture!

I really enjoy my Abnormal Psychology class, although some people think I'm crazy to find it as interesting as I do. I really enjoy my psychology or therapy classes and have done well in all of them, which is interesting seeing that I am afraid of counseling and desire to be in a feild of social work where I do not have to administer any counseling... All the same, I guess its a good thing I enjoy it an am good at it, because then I will be very good at referring clients to counseling if I recognize a need for it.
My social work class is a repeat of the one I took at Spring Arbor, only they wouldn't let it transfer. So I feel like I'm refreshing everything but learning nothing new. I'm not sure how to word how I feel about my Biblical Literature class, except that I doubt the professor's competancy of the subject in practically each class- sometimes I challenge his statements or bring up questions that should not be too difficult for him to answer. So in one sense, I enjoy the questioning and challenging, but for all the wrong reasons and on the other hand I am frustrated with how riduculous it is.
And I feel it already... that desire to just be done with school and living in 'the real world' and having a job and not living this strange movie-like, reality-show feeling stage called college life. Do most people feel that? or do most people really, really enjoy college and want to stay there forever? Don't get me wrong, I love this school, I've made great friends, I'm excited about my opportunities here and I really want to graduate and have my degree. But, I still wish that I was a senior already and that this was my last year- or last semester, that would be even better!

As I sat down to eat my lunch today, I was informed that there was a mouse under my bed. Within those 30 seconds, suddenly the rest of the cafeteria was bustling about the mouse that ran from the hallway and under the crack under our door and straight under my bed. I was not there at the time, but my roommates were. Apparently, it was last seen under my roommate's bed, but no one has seen it lately and glue traps have been set.
I wanted to name him Stewart, as in Stewart Little. But one of my roommates was really grossed out by it and didn't want me joking about it, she was disgusted that there was a mouse in our room. There's not food on the floor and we vacuumed just the other day, so I can't imagine it will stay for long. I just wonder how it managed to get on the second floor and ignore the boy's rooms below us- easier access and surely more food available!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ankle News

So apparently, I strained or pulled a ligament from the bottom part of my calf down to my little toes. Thus the pain and swelling. I'm going to the doctor on Monday.
I know, hard to believe that I am willingly going to a doctor, but I played on it today and I figured that I should see the doc before our next game.
It looks like a golf ball is embedded in the side of my ankle and some artist has gone to work with water colors for the beautiful lines of bruising.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

First Game of the Season

For the record, we can officially say that we did not lose our first game! However, we didn't win it, either. The game was called on account of the storm and the campus has been murmuring about how God is merciful because we were losing 5-0 and the first half wasn't even over!
I'm not surprised, I didn't think expect much of our team, but we are sure to have fun.

Within the first five minutes I collided with a girl on the other team and rolled over on my neck and this morning it hurts terribly! I've already scheduled a massage with a friend. It had begun hurting during the game and I wanted out for a minute or so just to rest my neck.
But the coach didn't see my arm up and I kept playing.
Our field has horrible, horrible holes all through it. So I was running, running all by myself, no one near and suddenly I fall into a hole and my ankle goes sideways.
I wish that it had been more exciting and impressive, like I was going for the ball or tackling someone when I turned my ankle. Nothing impressive like that, I just simply fell over in a hole.
And then I stand up in terrible pain and suddenly everyone is around me because the ball is there and I can't hardly walk, or even hobble let alone kick the ball out of the way. I scream for a substitute to come in for me, but the coach can't hear me, so I finally just kneel on the grass.
The didn't score during that time, but it took about another minute for the game to stop and me to get off the field.
Then our brilliant 'trainer' attempts to see what damage is done while I am still wearing my shin guards. It needs to be noted that my shin guards have ankle pads in them, so as she is feeling all around my ankle and making 'hmms' she actually is not able to feel my ankle at all.

She said it was only a little swollen, but she may have thought that I just had 'cankles' because she wasn't comparing it with my other ankle, as that was still in uniform.

This was last night, already starting to swell.
This morning, with my little temporary tattoo of Sebastian, you can see that i basically have no ankle at all any more and there's a beautiful bruising of green around the outside.
So now I get to be included with the numerous girls on our team that are injured! Oh joy.