Sunday, November 30, 2008


I stole this because I liked it. It is what my name would be if I needed a name in one of these categories:

(Mother’s & father’s middle names)

NASCAR NAME: Robert Eugene
(First name of mother’s dad, father’s dad)

(First 2 letters of last name, first 4 letters of first name)

(Favorite color, favorite animal)

SOAP OPERA NAME: Marie Fort Wayne
(Middle name, city where you live)

SUPERHERO NAME: Yellow Wine Cooler
(2nd favorite color, favorite alcoholic drink)

(First 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name)

GANGSTA NAME: Peanut Butter White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (wow! thats a LONG LONG one!)
(Favorite ice cream, favorite cookie)

ROCK STAR NAME: Beautiful Rudisill
(Current pet’s name, current street name)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


"He offered to pay for dinner and pay for my gas!"
poor girl, she actually thought the guy asking her out was doing something nice and being charming.
We told her that yes, we did want her to have fun, and no we didn't have a problem with the guy; we just wanted her to realize that for almost any date it is customary that he pick you up and pay for dinner- this guy was not doing anything special.
Biruk hates me bragging about him, but I can't really help it!
So many things I hear people say and they really think that they had a nice catch or a good guy, and I just think how much the standard of a good guy has dropped in our society.
I know that the Twilight buzz has hit many girls, and I am glad for it. Because despite the main character being a vampire, he is a good guy. And I'm glad that girls around the age of 11 and 12 and much older are looking to 'Edward Cullen' as a standard for their guy; someone who opens doors for girls, who protects others, who cares about their family- ya know, more than just offering to pay for dinner.

I really hope that girls start to raise their standards for boys!
I'm thankful for Biruk.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been wandering for several years now. Ever since I graduated from high school, the longest amount of time I stayed in any one city or town was when I lived in Winnipeg. But while there, I had several different residences.
6 months was the longest amount of time I lived in any one of those residences.
It's not a complaint; because I had some wonderful experiences in of those places.

I had different experiences at each living arrangement; the family and the sisters, helping with the newborn, living with people my own age, dorm life, college roommates that scared me, learning about different cultures: becoming a family.
I would not trade those experiences or memories for anything (well... I might trade a few of those horrible experiences)
And I'm very, very thankful that I was housed and sheltered for so long and in so many ways.
Last night I got to talk with my Winnipeg family; learn about how they are transitioning back to Canada after spending several months ministering in Nepal. Dad got his ear pierced, K--- got a tattoo, A---- adopted a dog which they actually brought back with them to Winnipeg, and more stories. They asked about my future plans and when I would visit them again and reminded me that I always had a place to stay with them.
If/when I go back to Winnipeg, I already decided to stay with my dear friend Netta and her sister, who happen to live just a few blocks away from my Winnipeg family. 'Dad' laughed and said that I had plenty of homes in Winnipeg.

Yes, I have plenty of places to stay, to crash, to transition in... but sometimes I feel like I don't really have a home. (parents- please don't take this personally) I feel like I am always traveling... and then when I do stay in one place for too long I get antsy because I am not used to being so grounded, becoming so familiar with things.
I feel that way with school right now- I'm so ready to be finished and moved on. I'm so glad that I played soccer, I feel like I kept me busy enough and delayed this nomadic urge.

Today I read Zephaniah. Chapter 4 talks about how the wandering people (in this case wandered away from God) will be brought back to him. God promises to bring justice and joy and that "at that time I will gather you; at that time I will bring you home."

I'm going to move around more. Obviously with this school closing, I have to go somewhere else. I will have to go somewhere this summer. And when I finally graduate, I will go move somewhere again.
But... Remember in Finding Nemo when Dory, the amnesic fish tells Marlin not to leave her, because when she looks at him she remembers things, when she looks at him she's 'home.' I like that part. I think that's what good friends are... and even more what Christ is.

I'm home when I'm in Christ and no matter how often my location continues to change, no matter where I am- I'll never be without a home. Which maybe doesn't connect with the Zephaniah verse, but it made sense to me.
I'm thankful for home.

Friday, November 14, 2008


13 days until Thanksgiving. I will get to see my family! I won't have to share a bathroom with 50 other girls! And I've been eating awful food for so long that I had Chick-Fil-A chicken today and thought I had died and gone to heaven the chicken tasted so good. I realized then that I really need to start eating better than what is served here.

28 days remain in this semester. Actually- that sounds so, so long! 4 weeks left- I'm ready for it to be over now! I'll just think of it this way; if we take out Thanksgiving break and the weekends, then it's only 21 days! (which is still 3 whole weeks!!!)

32 days left... I've been counting down until I get to see Biruk again. I haven't seen him since July and I'm sure my roommates are sick of hearing me whine about it.

40 days until Christmas! I love it; it's one of my favorite holidays. I really enjoy thinking of gifts to give people, and wrapping them all pretty. I like the lights decorations and how cheerful everyone is. The music gets on my nerves, but that's about the only thing. I even don't hate the cold and snow so much during Christmas time.

And then 46 days until this year is over and the book on 2008 is closed.

What do I still want to accomplish before this year is over? I think this time of year is more motivating to 'get things done' than the new year with all the New Year's Resolutions- you are one a high from all the celebrations and gifts and cheerfulness, you don't think about all that still needs to be done.

And at the same time, as I get older it becomes harder and harder to see the significance of the New Year. I attended a Jewish service a while ago, just before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement- the day of rebirth and new beginnings. Why can't the new year start there?
And Biruk's country lives on a whole different calendar than the rest of the year and his new year is in September and is the year 2001 by their calendar.
I'm afraid to say this- but maybe I'm just getting old and the time is going by so much more quickly that it doesn't matter as much to me. That's sad...

School is going great. I'm earning a little money running the shot clock for the basketball games. However, my friends who play on the team aren't too happy about that, because then I can't yell and scream for them. I'm ahead on my assignments, volunteer once a week and am taking an online class that I'm almost half way through (and I only started it about a week ago). The professor who asked me to 'not disagree with him' chastised me the other day because I wasn't participating enough in class. Listen, buddy- you can't have it both ways! Either I participate (which he doesn't like and says is disruptive) or I'm gonna be quiet.
It was kinda funny though... since I don't talk much anymore, hardly anyone talks and when they do, it's often to question or disagree with him. And I swear I didn't encourage anyone!

Really, thats the only class I do that in- all of my other professors are more competent in the subjects that they teach (is that mean to say?).

Have I mentioned yet that I'm ready for school to be over?
I really am in awe of the people who are able to stay in school straight for 4 years without a break between semesters. I've got to hand it to my siblings; and Anna, my hat is off to Pierry, because we was able to go 5 years straight.
Please, give me some tips of how you managed to stay put, keep focused on school for the spring semester- and especially how you stayed sane!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's Official!!!

Yesterday I took a new, big step in my life.
I've never done this before, and it's a bit frightening- I feel so tied down.

I signed up for classes next semester.

So I'm going to go to the same college for two semesters in a row... I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Also- please pray for Biruk on Nov 13- he has his citizenship test!!!
I might be dating a Canadian soon. Again, please pray for him. He's waited a while for this and is really excited.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I get it from my father

I've been told I should be a lawyer.
Apparently one of my professors disagrees.

Our class likes to ask a lot of questions- partially to get off topic, but also because it's humorous to see him get flustered if he doesn't know the answer. So he began class one day saying that if someone asked a question that would take too much time to answer, then he would not 'go down that rabbit trail'.
Someone asked an on-topic question, but he shoo-ed it away by saying that there would be no questions on the topic. So I raised my hand and asked, on behalf of the class, how we could be expected to learn if we couldn't ask questions?
Since then, I've continually had fellow students thanking me for speaking up in class because they 1) find it entertaining, 2) it helps the class to go by faster 3) it helps them to think critically about things.
On Friday he ended class saying that there was 'no overarching theme' to the Book of Song of Songs/Solomon (pick whichever you prefer).
I raised my hand and asked if there truly were no theme, as love and romantic relationships certainly had a major emphasis within the book.
My prof got a bit huffy and asked if it was a serious question and then agreed that I was correct, but there was no plot to the book (which is different than a theme, he he).

And as we studied the Psalms we reached the Lament Psalms. He asked what was significant about Lament Psalms. I was good; I raised my hand and waited to be called on, and then said that Lament Psalms praised God, despite the difficult situation being faced and proclaimed the writer's trust in God. For some reason that answer was wrong and the correct answer was that the Lament Psalm was a symbol of trust because the writer was praising God despite his situation. In response, I said was that it was not a symbol, but literal because he was not symbolically trusting God; he was literally trusting God.

Today, he nicely, politely and privately asked me to 'stop disagreeing with him in class' because it was disruptive.
'Is it okay to still ask questions?'
'Yes, of course.'
well... you should know that many years ago I spend a few weeks in the Caribbean with no television or radio and our main source of entertainment was 'the question game'.
The rules are simple- every thing said must be phrased as a question, if you say a statement or anything else that is not as a question you lose.
I became really good at it.
I hope you're ready to have my disagreements presented as questions!
And remember- my major is criminal justice.
Oh... I think this might not be my least favorite class after all!