Saturday, March 14, 2009

Despite the desire to leave school for some warm climate, or get a full-time job and feel more productive with my life; I've been working hard.
Mostly, because Biruk is coming next week and a goal of mine is to have no homework while he is here. Actually, I do have on assignment, a video interview for my counseling class. I was saving that so I could interview Biruk, but just found out that we are supposed to interview someone of the same gender, so now that it out. But either way, I don't have a video camera.
However, I have been very good and as long as I spend about an hour on Sunday night; I won't have any extra work over Spring Break.

I am really, really excited for him to come! He has never been to the US, and has not been out of Canada in about 6 years. He's never seen my parent's house or met any of the friends I grew up with. And, I haven't seen him in 1 month and nearly 3 weeks- so that's another great reason to be excited!
I met with the professor- who was in a good mood, very cheerful and more than polite to me; he was NICE to me! He signed all of the papers, told me that if I needed anything else to come back and he would be happy to help me.

So now, all of those papers are turned in. Switching majors added on a total of two classes- an inductive study of the bible and a class on evangelism and discipleship. I wrote up my graduation plan for next year, and was glad when I discovered that I had written the same course two times! That's one less class for me to have to take! And arranged for myself to take a 1-credit hour fitness course while I am doing my 12-credit hour internship. That should be a nice break.

It's going to be interesting, being a full-time student that never has class to go to... but I will have to get these classes done, so I have to act like I'm a full-time student.

Today I may or may not go to the mall and apply for those openings I saw- after all, I won't even be here next week if I get called in for an interview. But I definitely am going to the Fort Wayne Philharmonic- but because it's a class assignment. And then afterwards, I am going to babysit some kids. Sometime over this weekend I am going to sort through my winter things and take them back with me to clutter my mother's house with! (it shouldn't be that much stuff, just my jackets and sweaters, don't worry).

And now... I just have to wait out those two and a half school days until my spring break starts! and the four and a half days until I get to see Biruk.

Monday, March 02, 2009

In like a lion

It feels like spring from indoors today.
The sun is so bright, and people are happy and smiling- especially on a Monday! And the world looks cheerful outside.
Except that it's chilly outside and that sun is so deceiving! But it does look like spring is about to roll on in.

I finally figured it out. See, my nose has been feeling funny; pressure in my sinuses, a light headache at the very front of my head. I thought that I was coming down with something and then today in the middle of class it hit me; it's spring!
I mean, my sinuses are feeling pressure and I have the light headache because spring is coming and the change of seasons coming on this quick usually makes me feel this way. The only thing is that I haven't felt this way in about 4 years, because I've been in Winnipeg, or last year- Calgary and spring takes so long in coming and so weakly, because winter never lets go until about May, that I just didn't have it and forgot about it.
So I'm not getting sick- it's spring time!
Which for some reason, put me in a great mood. I am so excited for spring to come!

And tomorrow Biruk is getting his plane tickets to come and visit me. Maybe that's why I'm so excited for spring to come.