Sunday, February 28, 2010

Always Ask First

My back has been hurting, and Biruk's back always bothers him alot with working construction. So, I thought that it would be nice for the weekend if we had someone come to our apartment and give us massages.

Having friends who studied massage therapy, I know that students need to accumulate a certain number of hours to become certified. They usually ask for a 'suggested donation' of a low fee for a one-hour massage.

So I looked on Kijiji as I've seen advertisements there. I emailed a few people, asking for availability times, if they were willing to come to my apartment with their table and if they were certified or seeking certification.

I only recieved one email back:

I don't usually like to massage men, only women.
I would like to start by clarifying that I am a 36 year old man and am not certified. However, I did live in Europe for a while and give good massages.
Also, I do not have a table, but I could make your bed really firm.
Please contact me back for a time you would like a massage."

Anyone else think this is creepy? No table- but he can make the bed firm? And how is having lived in Europe an acceptable reference for massage therapy?

Needless to say, I did not email this individual back.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Although Biruk just moved in, but already we have move everything in the apartment.
And I am kicked out for the day.
Someone, somewhere in the building has bedbugs (not us), has bed bugs, so the entire building is being fumigated.
Sheets have to be soaked in nearly boiling water, all items must be moved from the closet and away from the walls. I was going to do laundry today, but I think I should probably wait until later this weekend.

So, for the whole day (9-5) I have to be out of the building unless I want to breath-in toxic fumes. Any ideas of what to do?
I plan to go a coffee shop and get some homework done. But 8 hours? I could finish all of my classes in that time.

I had an interview yesterday, and another one on Monday- so please pray! These are both for jobs in the social services field, especially working in group homes which is the position I want. Also, I think I'm more likely to get an extension on my work visa if I work through a social services agency (and through the government) than if I work as a waitress or something like that. And dang it! I went through the process to get a work permit, I wanna get a job that pays be back the money I spent on that work permit!

And thats our news- bed bugs and interviews!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yes, they do carry that size.

While interning at a prison in the chaplaincy department might sound pretty serious, there are plenty of humorous, light moments, as well.

Like the morning when a woman in broken English communicated that if you continued to allow someone to abuse you they would be 'chopping your leg, chopping your other leg- now you handicapped, you in wheelchair' and went from person to person pretending to cut off their limbs.

Or when we all roared with laughter as a lady said that she was an Indiana 'with a feather, not a dot' to explain that she was Native American.

Or the time when I thought I heard someone use the expression 'kicked in the eye by an ostrich'. So I asked "is that like 'the monkey on your back' or something?" No. The woman had actually been kicked in the eye by an ostrich and now has a fake eye. But doesn't it sound like an expression instead of a real event?

Today's humorous moment is be brought by one of the chaplains:

We had to inform a woman of the death of a family member, which was sad.
In assisting with preparing her for the escorted visit to the funeral, she required some clothes to be brought in because all she had were sweat pants. A family member offered to bring her clothes, but needed the woman's sizes.
The chaplain asks what size she wears and she says "triple x"


Really- he was covering his mouth and giggling, right in front of her.

"Are you serious?" He asked.
She, now understandably pissed off says "Yes. I'm serious."

"I didn't even know they had clothes that size." He says, laughing even harder now.

"Well, I'm a big girl." She replied- even more pissed off.

I try to drag him away before he continues to dig a bigger hole and make an already angry, grieving woman more angry.

I wanted to call him an idiot, but I refrained.
In the office, I asked him what the ---- he was thinking- he can't laugh when someone tells him their clothing size (definitely not a woman three times his size, either).
He explained that the connects 'triple x' to a rating of movies and television, so thought that when she wanted 'triple x' clothing she was requesting the type of clothing that would be portrayed in XXX rated movies to wear to the funeral. Hence, he laughed.

Had she said extra-extra-extra large, he would have understood. However, as it was, he laughed and now, at the very memory of it, I start cracking up until tears form in my eyes, especially as I replay him laughing and saying he didn't know they carried those kind of clothes.

I do enjoy my internship immensely and am learning lots, but every once in a while I teach the chaplains a thing or two, as well.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Catching up on my blogs from the past is too exhausting, so I am only writing in the present.
Sometimes I think my life just moves too darn fast!
About once I year I spend a little too much time pouring over my old journals. I don't know what I would forget about my life if I didn't record it.
Right now, I have to write journals for my internship and I have to do them right away otherwise I forget what happened! Well, I remember things that happened, but I forget the order they happened in or which day they occurred. So much happens in one day!

I feel like I'm still traveling, in a sense. The way that adventures happen when you travel and life for that period of time seems out of the ordinary. Right now, all of my life seems out of the ordinary in the very best of ways. Like I am floating, my feet haven't touched the ground in ages!
I love my internship, I learn plenty each week. My online classes are interesting and so far not a chore to do homework for.
I'm getting married in a week and a half. Biruk and I finished planning everything last night: the time and place. That reminds me! I should call and make our dinner reservations right now.

Alright, that is done- dinner at 6 pm.

Now we're almost done everything- just pick up Biruk's ring and get him some black dress socks.

Planning was easy, and we didn't argue about anything- although Biruk still refused to get married on a roller coaster or just before bungee jumping.

But now I have homework to get back to: mens rea, inchoate offenses, 104 pages of the rationale behind the Edmonton Institution for Women and 25 pages of a book on chaplaincy.