Sunday, April 11, 2010

Windy April

Life is good.
I enjoy my job, although I've faced a few more challenges than just having fun with little kids. I am learning bout the different types of group homes; some where meals are on a set schedule, children only allowed one bowl of cereal for breakfast- as noted by a sign on the refrigerator-, and the freezer locked with an actual attached lock. And then there are group homes where the staff go to the school and check up on the children, attend parent-teacher conferences and even look into tutors for them.

The original position I applied for was to work at a group home, and now I am glad that I don't. While some are excellent, others compete against other agencies as if this is a business instead of a program to assist children.

My internship is going really well, and soon I am taking a few weeks at another institution, this one for men. I am excited to get some experience in that area, I think that I will learn alot and the set-up for this prison is more similar to what I would encounter in the United States.

The other day at my internship, I was leading a Bible study. The topic was John and Peter healing the crippled man at the temple in the name of Jesus. The text said that the man was crippled from birth, so I asked some of the mothers to describe how their own children learned to walk- the process it naturally took; rolling, crawling, pulling themselves up, and finally walking. Not only was the man healed to be able to walk; but his muscles were strong enough and his legs understood how to walk, which is another miracle.
So, one of the women was talking about babies and said; "there are the chubby babies, with cute little fat rolls. And then what I call the Ethiopian babies, the little scrawny skinny babies- you know, like ethiopians, because ethiopians are all starving."
I started laughing so hard.
She repeated herself and explained further.
Which sent me laughing harder.
I could't tell her that I am married to an Ethiopian, because I don't want to reveal that much personal information. So instead, I just continued to laugh.

As I said, life is good. I am blessed.