Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Belete quirks

Tomorrow is Biruk's Canadian Birthday! According to Canadian records, Biruk will be turning twenty-two.
I can't remember what we did last year for his birthday, except that I gave him some sunglasses- which a friend of his stole and I gave him another pair for his Ethiopian Birthday (in June). It's like Biruk gets a second chance at everything. He is 22 again- he gets another shot at that age.

Our lives have been somewhat backwards lately. Biruk works until 1 or 2 am most nights. So we sleep in until around 10 am- when someone calls us, thinking we are the most lazy bums. I never imagined that my normal day-to-day life would mean sleeping in every morning with my husband and planning lunch dates when most restaurants are quiet and other people are at work. It took a little while to find the balance, but now that our sleeping hours are settled, I feel that I get time some time with Biruk again.

Not having a work visa is really frustrating me. I want to work and I could get more hours, get an Alberta driver's license, not to mention I could leave Canada if I needed or wanted to if I had that little piece of paper. I still haven't received anything in the mail from Immigration Canada and some part of me believes that they made a mistake and I'll be getting that visa in the mail instead of a denial letter.
I'm trying to be optimistic about this and remind myself that God is going to use this in some amazing way to bless us. Right now it sucks, but I keep reminding myself that God is going to use this for the better. God keeps changing the crappy stuff in my life into something beautiful and new. I have no idea how he's going to do that here. I could guess and I could hope, but really, I just need to trust that he is in control. It would be nice, and it would be a whole lot easier if I miraculously got a visa in the mail tomorrow, but easy isn't always better.

I'm glad that I decided to post the story I am writing on a blog. I think I would have lost motivation otherwise. It's a nice release, writing and concentrating on something besides my own life. I like writing the counseling sessions and all the analyzing angles that I get to consider. I post there more frequently than I do on this blog.