Thursday, February 17, 2011


Tomorrow marks our first full year of being married.We didn't have traditional marriage counseling, we simply asked for the advice of couples we knew- people who had been married for a year, some who had grown old together, people who had been divorced and those who had numerous children.
But nothing, nothing at all could have ever prepared us for this year.

But that's okay. We didn't need to be prepared. No one can ever possibly plan their whole life or be ready for the craziness that comes with even the most every-day of events.
We needed (and still need) God.
We needed to support each other.
Even now, we talk about doing this or doing that, but we hold them loosely. We can't prepare or expect our life to follow the pattern we have set.
I know a year isn't very long, so I'm not claiming to know much on the subject. We did learn a lot this year, and what made me fall in love with Biruk in the first place has helped hold us through.
It's nice if you have common interests, and would be good to dream the same things in the future, but the real cement is values and ethics; the true heart of a person. When the crazy stuff happens, that's all that's left. You don't care if you both like soccer if someone just died, and you aren't thinking about if you are dog people or cat people when you're giving your testimony to the police.
I'm never going to know everything about Biruk, I'm always going to learn about him. But I know he is a good man, he's generous and sweet. I know he's strong, and I was able to see his strength extend this year. He's optimistic, which I've heard in thousands of conversations. And he's full of faith, which I feel when he prays before he gets up in the morning.
I love him.

So here's to one year together, with many more, better, years in the future.