Thursday, November 03, 2011


The same day I wrote the previous post, October 27, I was granted a temporary work visa!
I called November 1 because I had not heard anything regarding my permanent residency application and was informed that the documents were in the mail and I should receive them in the next week.

I immediately started applying for jobs, well, after I woke Biruk up by jumping up and down on the bed, of course.
Two days later, in our mail box was a letter from the government of Canada - for me this time! And I already received my first call-back, so things seem to be going well.

Some have questions about what this means and if I am now a Canadian.
This doesn't mean I have permanent residency; it means that I have been "approved in principal"- that I am half-way through the process and I will probably get permanent residency. Getting actual permanent residency could take another year.
And that doesn't mean that I am a Canadian- it means that I have permission to permanently reside, including work and study in Canada. A few years after I am a permanent resident I can apply for Canadian citizenship.

I am so happy! I can't believe I finally got it!