Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I feel so happy and so blessed!

I have three jobs!.
I got everything that I asked for.
Part-time work in social services, working with children in care, with good organizations that actually care about their kids and I get to have so much fun!
From the shift-work at the group home, where adorable little boys greet me with giggles and affectionate, lisped "I love you"s, to taking the kids on fun activities like ice skating and swimming- it's wonderful! It hardly feels like work because I enjoy it so much.

Full-time work in criminal justice, working at various half-way houses with youth and adult offenders. This is my first week at this job, but I had such a great night tonight, I am really looking forward to working here. It's with a reputable organization and great experience to get me started in my career field.

Only, my first day on the job didn't go through without a hitch; there was a small incident.

I went to the head office to provide paperwork and sign new employee paperwork. I told the front desk I had arrived and was waiting for R___. The receptionist directed me to have a seat, but I only waited a minute before the door opened and a small, grey-haired woman smiled from the doorway and motioned for me to follow her.
I followed her down the hallway, noticing that it reflected what I expected from a not-for-profit agency; not necessarily shabby, but resourceful and sparsely decorated.
I went into Interview Room 1, and considered that there may be an ingoing interview, as many organizations have an exit interview.
The interview room was child-friendly with a sandbox and a poster of feelings for children to use to identify their emotions before they may be able to actually put them into words.
The woman asked me how I was doing and I responded with a polite "Good."

Woman: "How are you since we last spoke?"
On the phone yesterday? Me: "I'm fine."
Woman: "Anything you want to mention?"
Me: "I am excited to start."
The woman looks a little frustrated, "I need you to share more."
Me: "Excuse me?"
Woman: "You are not opening up enough. I need more from you."
Me: "Um... I think I'm in the wrong room. I just started working here."
Woman: "You're not here for therapy?"
Me: "No! I am here to fill out tax forms!"

She thought I was one of her clients for therapy!

She led me back to the front desk to find the woman I was supposed to meet, R___ who looked confused as to why I was coming back with their drug rehabilitation therapist!

What a way to start a new job!