Monday, April 15, 2013

Next Year...

My long absence is due to busyness in the best sense: full schedules, working a job, lots of time with friends and new acquaintances, and little time for writing.

I love Toronto and I am so happy living here. I feel like I have been living here much, much longer than the approximate two months I have been here.

I have a job. Actually, three.
I have an apartment (and two fabulous room mates).
A soccer team.
Two rock climbing partners.
I have been regularly attending the same funky church service.
And someone offered me a free sofa bed yesterday.

How did that happen so quickly!?

I have had God step in and move directly in my life many times, surely. But to have so many elements fit together so perfectly in a week, or two weeks baffles my mind every time I consider it.
From a room mate studying Swahili at the college level to a soccer field directly across from my apartment, I have to give the credit to Jesus for placing things so perfectly.

And did I mention one of the jobs (starting when my record checks are cleared) is working with young offenders? I had the interview when I was only in Toronto two days! and my cell phone number was still an Alberta number. That must be Jesus.

And I am baffled again when I consider how long and hard I planned for my trip to Kenya; how I set up so many details and made lots of connections- and then everything fell apart when I couldn't walk. And I hardly planned at all for Toronto- I only finalized where I was going to sleep two days before I flew to Toronto, and that was not a permanent plan - only three weeks.
I only had a place to sleep, in a city I had never set foot in, where I only knew two people and had no further idea of what I was going to do.

So, for the future- to plan? Or not to plan?

I am very happy here. I don't want to move, I want to stay. For next year, I intend to still be in Toronto.

That is my plan.