Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A perfect holiday card?

So, I had a devo prepared.
It was Christmas-season related, on Zachariah and Elizabeth.
But it was preachy. And while I can be hard on myself, its not a great read for others.
Let me suffice to say; I love our God. He uses the most unexpected people and the most interesting ways to show himself.

Today I'm thinking about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

I don't get why I'm in Arusha, Tanzania doing an internship for monitoring programs for protecting abused children.

I wish God would show me His blue-print; how this fits into the bigger map of my life.
Yes, I have always wanted to learn Swahili. Yes,this is making me grow as a personal and will probably benefit me career-wise. Yes, I get to skip a coooooold winter in Canada.
I love Arusha! And I'm having a great time.

And while I'm not complaining, I just don't understand. In Canada I was praying about adopting children and asking God to prepare me to be a mother.
In my mind, that meant a steady full-time job, and a house. Maybe a spouse (that would be nice).

But God gave me an amazing opportunity to learn about behind-the-scenes of NGO's, working for the protection of children. While I'm not loving it, I am learning and it is good- which as I've discussed before, being good is so much better than my own personal enjoyment.

However, I don't understand how this fits in with God's plan. How this isn't a hiccup in my life, but actually part of His master collaboration to form me into the person whom he wants me to be, use my life according to His outline.

Now look at Mary. Who 2014 or so years ago was pregnant right now. (maybe, depending on the time of Jesus's birth).
She had plans to have a family, too. She was engaged. She probably imagined starting her marriage and family in a completely different way. But God had other plans- seemingly absurd plans at the time. God's plans were beyond different- they were scandalous!

Mary didn't even get to give birth to Jesus indoors. He was born in a stable. And here I am, wondering how I'm gonna have a house to adopt kids in the future. Not an obstacle (or maybe even a priority) to God.

Mary wasn't married when she became pregnant. It was her obedience God wanted; being a single woman wasn't an issue or obstacle for God to bring His Son to this earth. And still I think I'm supposed to be married before I adopt.

Mary wasn't in her home town, among her family when she had Jesus- she was with Joseph in Bethlehem, with his family. Not long after Jesus was born they fled as refugees to Egypt.
Why do I think I need to be 'established' somewhere, or with my career?

What God required of Mary and of Joseph was obedience.
That took faith, because they couldn't see how God was moving. They didn't understand His plan.
And that was on a much larger scale than my life right now.

So what if I don't understand why God brought me to Arusha to do this internship? So what if I don't see the picture?
I am still required to be obedient and faithful. I still follow God.

It's very Christmas-y, don't you think?
Blind obedience, trusting when you don't understand.
Put that on your next holiday card.

Merry Christmas!