Saturday, July 25, 2015

Return to Canada

It's almost the end of July. In Toronto, it is summer in full-swing. Blissfully warm days, full of sun, with glorious sunsets stretching to 9 pm.
In Tanzania, it is winter - drizzly and rainy. I imagine that everything is very, very green, but also chilly.

I'm glad to be 'home', to take a warm bath, use an oven (I currently have a raspberry peach crisp baking!) and ride my bike alone, even at night without fear. But I don't feel torn between missing Tanzania (yet) and being comfortable in Canada, maybe because I believe that I will go back soon, so it wasn't a permanent goodbye to such a beautiful country.

I came home to so many blessings.
I anticipated that it would be much harder, returning from being away. I thought emotionally it would be more draining, that there would be culture shock, that I would scramble to find a job and things would be tight. But God blessed me so abundantly, it is a miracle!

First of all, a friend of my roommates needed a place to stay, but the only bedroom big enough to accommodate another bed luggage was mine. As the first month I would be away 3 out of 4 weeks, I offered my room. However, the one month has turned into the whole summer - a whole summer of me paying HALF the rent I would normally pay, all because this beautiful Brazilian lady, who I barely see because she's always working, has a bed beside mine! I didn't even ask God for this financial savings, He just offered it to me!

I remember feeling nervous for what I would do about a job when I came back to Canada - but I came home with 3 employment opportunities! Even more miraculous is that 2 of them sought me out, I did not even apply!
The first job was a temporary seasonal position working at a camp; it began the DAY AFTER I returned from Tanzania. This was the only job which I applied for. However, after 6 weeks I quit; it was too much work and the commute was more rigorous than I expected. I wouldn't have been healthily able to maintain for another week, let alone begin regular employment somewhere else in August.
In August, I am returning again as a nanny - the family I used to work for has had another baby! I am so excited to be a nanny again, and I met the little boy this weekend; he is very different from his older brother, but still a sweet baby.
The other position, which also begins in August is working at a halfway house for adults, in my career field and amazing that they asked me to interview based on the recommendation of a former co-worker - another job I didn't even apply for!

It reminds me of when I first came to Toronto; nervous, without a job or a lead, and only housing for 3 weeks. In the span of a week God blessed me with a full-time job, an interview for a part-time position in my career field and a home - the place where I still live today. And he did it again - blessed my home, blessed my work, in ways I never expected.

There is so much more to say - about what I've learned, what I'm doing next. But let me start with this; that God has been so good to me.